Contact Person:

Chief Craig Taylor


P.O. Box 128

Nisswa, MN 56468

fax: 218-963-4306

August Activity Report. 09-18-01

August was another busy month for the Nisswa Police Department. According to Chief Craig Taylor, 268 incidents were reported to the police during the month. Officers responded to 20 agency assists, 10 medicals, 10 alarms, issued 76 citations, 145 warnings and made 7 arrests. Police continue to investigate the burglaries of three downtown businesses. Chief Taylor reported evidence has been collected and will need to be analyzed by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Taylor also reported that Nisswa officers have been more proactive in patrolling efforts in order to help business owners ensure the security of their property. "I believe that the police have a good record in preventing these types of incidents as this crime spree was limited to a one night occurrence" said Taylor. "Nonetheless, we will continue to improve our patrol practices."

Other incidents that have been reported to police include speeding concerns along County Road 18, particularly in front of the Nisswa School. In addition, safety concerns have been expressed in the construction zone on Hazelwood drive. Motorists can expect increased enforcement efforts by Nisswa officers in the future.

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