Contact Person:

Sgt. Tim Holmes


P.O. Box 128

Nisswa, MN 56468

fax: 218-963-4306

Law and Order International Police Design entry. 05-14-01

Nisswa (MN) Police Department
Municipal Agency (under 50 officers)

Located in north-central Minnesota, the City of Nisswa is best known for (and most visited because of) its clean lakes, pine trees, breath-taking sunsets and overall peaceful ambiance and atmosphere.
These characteristics were taken into consideration when deciding on the logo for the Nisswa Police Department’s squad cars. With a strong sense of community-oriented policing, the department wanted their squads to be as attractive as the area in which they serve.

The logo was designed with the help of a local artist, authorized by both the Nisswa chief of police and the city’s public safety commission, and was placed upon each of the department’s squads, including three Ford Crown Victorias and an Oldsmobile Bravada. Five years later, that same logo is synonymous with the City of Nisswa – pictured on official department letterhead as well as the city’s web site, and police uniform patches.

Each officer is responsible for their respective take-home squad. Officers keep maintenance logs which are inspected regularly by the department’s chief and sergeant to ensure cars are kept in excellent condition, inside and out. High standards are set by department officials in an effort to keep each squad looking, and running, its best. After all, the appearance of the squad ultimately gives the public its first initial impression of the police department before the officer even steps out of his vehicle.

We believe with the highly visible logo as well as the lettering and use of reflective decals, our squads are very recognizable to residents and visitors during the day and at night. While the logo is prominent on three different spots on each of the squads, the vehicles still maintain an amount of “white space” thus avoiding a cluttered look.

With the use of an attractive and practical logo, the squads each project an image of authority yet retain a friendly and approachable look to the public.
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