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Nisswa/ Crow Wing County, Minnesota - Officers from Nisswa will put in overtime enforcement hours for a Safe & Sober campaign focusing on Distracted Driving over the Labor Day holiday travel period. During the enforcement wave, to take place between August 25 and September 3, more than 350 law enforcement agencies and all districts of the Minnesota State Patrol will be watching for inattentive drivers and stopping them to provide warnings about the possible consequences…or issue tickets, in cases where drivers commit violations.

"It just isn't possible to safely do two things at once when one of them is driving an automobile," said Chief Craig Taylor, "but we see this behavior every day. Everyone knows it's dangerous to talk on the phone, wrestle with packages, search through the glove box, or discipline children while they drive. What we're trying to do is bring that awareness to the forefront, to get people to concentrate on driving!"

Statistics on distracted driving are naturally hard to gather; often the actions of a driver immediately before a crash are not known. People don't typically want to admit they were not paying attention to the road when they ran that stop sign, or cut that other driver off. "But any experienced driver has seen numerous examples of the behavior we're talking about," said Chief Taylor, "and knows how dangerous it can be."

Visit the Nisswa Police Department web site at to learn more facts about Distracted Driving.

The Safe & Sober Program, sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the National Highway Safety Administration, is designed to reduce the number of traffic crashes, increase safety belt use, educate youth and raise driver awareness.

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