These photographs were submitted to Law and Order Magazine as part of the 2001 International Police Vehicle Design Contest. Nisswa Police Department was awarded first place for their logo design and the squad's aesthetic appeal in the contest's "Department Under 50 Officers" division and will be featured in the magazine's July issue. For more information, see the news release in the press section of this website.

Squad Photos
Squad #403 A 2008 GMC Yukon. This vehicle also services as a Mobile Command Post for large scale events or incidents.
Squad #403 A 2008 GMC Yukon. All Nisswa squad cars are equipped with first aid equipment including an AED and oxygen.

Camp "911" Photos

The following photos are from 2010 Camp "911."

Training Photos

The following photos are from our Firearms and Use of Force training we hosted in the fall.

Sgt. Holmes with several kids at Nisswa Safety Town, safe vehicle day.
Nisswa Reserve Officers Heldt and Kimball on bike patrol at Nisswa Crazy Days.

Sgt. Holmes reading to fourth graders at the Nisswa Elementary School during I Love to Read Month.