Distracted Driving - Facts and Surveys

In Minnesota during 2000, inattention was cited in about 14% of fatal crashes (in which 152 people died), 24% of injury crashes (5,729 people involved), and 23% of property-damage crashes.

Survey: What we do while we drive

According to a telephone survey of 1,026 drivers released by
NETS (Network of Employers for Traffic Safety):

* 70% of drivers routinely talk to passengers while driving.
* 47% adjust controls.
* 29% eat or read.
* 26% pick up something that fell.
* 19% talk on the phone.
* 15% do none of the above.

Respondents to the survey considered distracted driving as
the fourth most serious driving safety issue, following
drunken driving, aggressive driving and speeding. The survey,
conducted June 16-19, 2000, had a margin of error of 3%.